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April Celebration! #FindaRainbowDay


Double Rainbow
Double Rainbow


Double Rainbow
Double Rainbow

The Month of April is filled with interesting National and International Celebrating Days!

I am participating to the “Celebration” choosing some of the days that are inspiring to me and post some of my work like my own photos, watercolors, sketches, poetry. I got inspired to do this from my dear Doodlewasher friend Charlie O’Shields at Doodlewash I will join him some days during this month with my watercolors and tag my image #doodlewashaday  if anyone that love doodlewash wants to join please visit his post here  it would be fun!

Today is April 3rd and is “Find a Rainbow Day”

I am celebrating this special National Day with my Photography posting two lovely photos of double rainbows that I was lucky enough to be at the right time at the right spot when the beautiful rainbows appeared in the sky. The first photo was taken in 2013 I like how clear the colors of the main rainbow are sadly the second rainbow is very light to see in both photos but is there.

The second photo was taken on November 2nd 2015 is a photo very dear to me because this beautiful double rainbow appeared about 30 minutes after my dog Mojo died exactly 5 months ago yesterday! That day I felt like the rainbow was a sign from above from Mojo saying that she was happy.  I wanted to capture that moment and I took the photo with my phone.

April is also Poetry Month  and the 17th is National Hiku Poetry Day let’s get inspired and celebrate!

The following two sites are great resources for the “official” days that people are celebrating somewhere in the world: National Day Calendar and Days of the Year. If you like to celebrate in the way that best inspire you just choose a date National or International and let your creativity flow! 😉

Have a wonderful and colorful National Rainbow Day!



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16 thoughts on “April Celebration! #FindaRainbowDay”

    1. Thank you Erika! There is a Calendar linked in my post there are National and International days about the rainbow was new to me too! Like you I love rainbows I find them to be so fascinating when they happens! ❤


    1. Thank you Janell same here I didn’t know about the National Rainbow Day until few days ago, I love rainbows and it was nice to celebrate since I had my two photos! I am glad that you like them! ❤

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  1. Good evening! !
    The current Japan time is 9 o’clock in the evening.
    It is a nice rainbow. very beautiful.
    In Japan, it stops a rainbow in the yellow sand and the impact of PM2.5 from mainland China.


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