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Together from home…Meet And Greet!

California Sunset Photo ©Carolina Russo

Meet And Greet!

Hello everyone,
hope to find you well during this very weird time. How is your Summer going? How are you coping? Are you still here on the Blogosphere?
After a long time, today I have decided to host a Meet and Greet event, why not? I love to hear from my old blogger friends and welcome new ones to introduce their blogs. I hope that you like the idea to reconnect or get to know new bloggers, especially if you’re new to the community don’t be shy! Please join in, leave a comment and your Blog link! If you already follow me then you know that I am an artist and lately I am busy participating to the World Watercolor Month Challenge 31 days 31 painting! This month I have posted almost every day you can see my paintings for the challenge here in my WWM Gallery

At times, I miss the weekly Meet and Greet sessions that I used to host a few years back regularly on Friday, at that time we enjoyed the event ongoing for more than two years straight! Great connections were made. My long time followers and friends sure remember about that nice and successful event!

  • How to make today a successful  “Meet and Greet” I need everyone help here there are few rules: 
    Whenever you see this post I invite you to leave a comment and your Blog link. “Not just a like”,
    be interactive, otherwise there is not purpose on doing this!
    I am giving the opportunity to help bloggers to connect and have some new followers!
    Please tell us what are you up to, or leave the link of one of your latest blog posts! And if you’re new here, please briefly introduce yourself and your Blog, leave the link, so that we can visit you! Please Read through the comments, engage and visit blogs and meet other awesome bloggers, leave comments and a follows, share on social media it will help!
    I am sure everyone will appreciate it! This is a great way to help each other to grow our blogs, meet new friends and share what you love!
    Follow me I will follow back!

❤ About me lately I have been busy creating my Art and I am focused on developing new ideas! Working on my watercolor paintings and  Illustrations and I am experimenting work in Ecoprinting. My door is open, I love to collaborate with writers for illustrations and working on commissions!

I have updated my Etsy Shop  with more recent and older work you can find my Limited Edition Hand Enhanced Prints and some of my Jewelry designs check it out! ❤

I am very happy that today you found your way here if you are an old friend I am so grateful for you! And welcome if it’s your first time visiting my Blog thank you so much for stopping by I hope you enjoy my art feel free to browse around and come back to visit!


Meet and Greet is a great time to connect with new and old Blogs!
I like to give thank to all my “New Followers” and to the ones that are still here from long time following my journey!
Thank You! ❤

Stay safe during these shifting times, stay balanced, grounded and always seek the real truth! ❤
Take care!
Please Share, Reblog, Twitt, Pin, anything is great!


hand-signature-logo-copyright copy
Thank You!

© Copyright Carolina Russo – yesterdayafter.com

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