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Featured Blogger: Carolina Russo

I am the Featured Blogger on ART by Rob Goldstein!!!
I am so honored, thankful and very happy to be the first Featured Blogger on Rob Blog I love his work and always he does an amazing job! Rob had great questions for my interview I suggest you to check it out!
Thank you Rob!!!


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First Night Design


And today FEATURED is…. Sarah Vernon  she would be on my sidebar widget for this week!

I always love to Meet and Greet new Artists sharing their work of art and their beautiful words!

It is getting very difficult every week to choose just one of you! But I am doing it from over 40 weeks! ❤
When I made my first Feature post I was thinking to do this only “Once a month”, and since that first time I did this every single weekend! ❤

Note: I just want you to know that I don’t pick random Blogs to Feature here, when I do my pick I am looking at specific things that I admire and are Inspiring and motivational to me and for others!
Featured Image -- 2226

(Please Sarah grab this Badge and post it somewhere on your Blog! And if you can a Reblog would be awesome! 😉


Here once again sorry for my late post and I thank you all for the participation to this week “Meet and Greet” session!!!



Today I am very pleased and honored to introduce  Sarah Vernon we follow each other Blogs from months she is very sweet and a wonderful presence in the blogosphere she is an Artist! England from London Sarah has been an actress for over three decades working on TV series and Theatre in her 20s she was diagnosed with a disabling condition – Limited Cutaneous Systemic Sclerosis (lcSSc) – and the respect now given to digital art have enabled Sarah to travel artistically in a different direction. Her love and Passion for the Theatre leading her on creating beautiful historical images that she sell. Her great Blog contains like she say “my ramblings on art, design, theatre,  history, food, cinema and more, subjects I love”. Her Blog posts are always fulfilled with the beautiful images that she digitally manipulate and lots of Theatre-history information. I love Digital Art which is one of my favorite creative medium I work with, this common love connected Sarah and me I have been always fascinated by Sarah elegant work!

‘Girl Wearing a Kokoshnik in Profile’ is a Leon Bakst painting in a private collection, which I downloaded from Wikimedia and blended with a handwritten document, also from Wikimedia, and a texture from Kerstin Frank. Original & vintage art © First Night Design []
‘Girl Wearing a Kokoshnik in Profile’ is a Leon Bakst painting in a private collection, which I downloaded from Wikimedia and blended with a handwritten document, also from Wikimedia, and a texture from Kerstin Frank.
Original & vintage art © First Night Design []

I am sure that many of you already know about her Blog,
but if you dont, then please stop by at First Night Design  and say hi to Sarah!



I hope tha you enjoyed this FEATURE of the week!

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Have a great week and Happy Holidays!


© Copyright Carolina Russo


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I got a Blog Review from Opinionated Man! :-)

Harsh Reality

Weekly Blog Reviews #3


Generally women can be fire breathing dragons, but this woman has always been kind and sweet to me. I have really enjoyed her uplifting comments over the course of our WordPress bloggership. I am making up words. She is a craft blogger and shares jewelry that she sells on her site as well as artwork that she creates. She is doing it all and is always a responsive commenter so give her website a visit!

OM – Weekly Blog Reviews #3

Wow! Jason “OM” has been very kind to me and my Blog!
I am so grateful for the time he took on doing this review. I truly appreciate his encouraging words since he is someone that speak truly what he feel and very well-known here on WP Community and Blogosphere having an audience of 55.539 followers. He is very generous with his space and kind with new Bloggers. I truly like his Blog and what he is doing. My weekly “Meet and Greet” was inspired by his Meet and Greet Sessions. At the beginning of my Blog journeys, I left my link there, and that’s when I meet many of my dearest friends here. During the time that OM was not blogging I felt that something in the community was missed and I started my weekly Friday event is almost 30 weeks now, it became successful, something to look forward every week, also because I like to Feature on Saturday and support Bloggers that I believe in.

Now if you haven’t give a visit to Mr. OM

See you all tomorrow with a new FEATURED Blog of the week!

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Music – EWIAN New video is out!

Portrait #6 - EWIAN

Today EWIAN announced and post their “New Video” from the new coming soon Album!

I am so excited to post it here because I love their music and I think Ewian is a GREAT Composer and I want to share their music with you, they are part of our great community on WP and this new video is awesome!!!
I Can’t wait for the new Album!
I am also so happy because I found out watching the video that there are some screenshots, of the photos I used to make my Portrait #6 for me is amazing how the atmosphere of my portrait match with Ewian video, I feel like to see my portrait alive!!! How wonderful!

I am aware that this type of music is not for everyone but it is a genre that I really like, my other favorite band lately is “Archive” this type of music is what I listen while creating my Art.

Ewian post on his Blog says “Our first video of our upcoming album ‘We Need Monsters’ (6th November 2015) is out now! The song is called ‘Ticket From Kingdom Come”

I hope that you enjoy the video like I did “Congratulation Ewian” for the great work…

Have a great weekend you all! ❤