Digital Art

Digital Art – Peaceful Sensations

Title - Peaceful Sensation Digital Art
Title – Peaceful Sensation Digital Art

Copyright 2015 © Carolina Russo


Digital Art

Digital Art – Life of Courage and Truth

Hoop earrings_DArt1
“Life of Courage and Truth”

During the past days I have been working on several Artistic projects beside focusing on this Blog!

I have been working on Photography and Digital Art, Sketches and my Jewelry. Last week I did bring to life a new design I create hoops earrings with amazonite and red coral gemstones. I named the earrings  “Life of Courage and Truth” I like to write little stories for every jewelry I create. If you are one of my followers you probably remember my post otherwise you can read it here.

This is how my creativity extends from a starting hand drawing sketch, to other visual way of expression. I had several visions for this design. Created and born as jewelry sketch that become a tangible product bringing to life the beautiful earrings, and turned them in several photographs that I have been staging and shooting. Right now one of the photos inspired me to become this interesting Digital Art painting…creativity never ends!

Digital Art

Digital Art – Nocturn full moon…

My new Digital Art work…

Nocturn full moon
Nocturn full moon

 Copyright 2015 © Carolina Russo

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Welcome to Carolina Russo Art  this is my website and Blog, the place where my art is debuted. Here you find my Visual Art in all it’s creative forms. I am an Independent full time watercolor artist and Illustrator. My primary focus is  watercolor paintings and Illustrations, my ongoing creative collections and series are available as Originals or in Limited Edition Prints.  My creativity extends to watercolor painting,  illustration, Eco Print, digital art, art for music, jewelry design, photography, poetry and more…
The intent of this Blog is to share my Art with the world, promote my work, interact with other artists and inspired people, give support, inspire others and spread love. I love to collaborate with other creative artists, writers, musicians and everyone that connects and resonates with my art. If you like something custom created for you in my signature style, I am open to Commissions contact me.

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